Girls Middle School Basketball


Girls Basketball TeamOver the last few years, Girls Middle School Basketball has been marked by success and the building of character.  BRCS has an excellent program that is about building Christian character in our students through sports.


The team this year (2011-2012) was coached by two Bridgewater College Students who brought the team together to make it all the way to the VACA Championship.


Assistant BRCS Girls' Basketball Coach Ali Eads said,


I cannot even recall the number of times coaches from other schools came to Anna and me to complement our girls on, not only their level of play, but on their passion, enthusiasm, and kindness. As a coach, these are the things we truly want to instill in our athletes.


Head Coach Anna Berkshire who is in her last year at Bridgewater College remembers her own basketball experience at Blue Ridge Christian School fondly, "I too played at BRCS numerous years ago and those were some of the best memories. I will never forget the friendships, the wins, and the fun I had while playing basketball at BRCS."


As far as this past season goes, Coach Anna was very proud of her players:  "I could tell on the very first day of practice that this was going to be a good season," she said.


These girls had knowledge of the game but also friendship, cooperation, and Christ-like attitudes.